They’re transparent :3

**Pictures are from P4 2012-2013 Calendar


Melancholy Updated 5/25

  • infinite scroll
  • custom link colors
  • custom post sizes
  • fixed sidebar image
  • other custom colors
  • fixed post info and other things
  • simplistic and neat

Preview | Pastebin


giant transparent nonon!!

for mitsu (人´3`)⌒♡


Theme 12: Jump High

Ver. #1 – Nekoma | Live Preview | Codes
Ver. #2 – Josai | Live Preview | Codes


  • (250px/360px) Sidebar Picture (will automatically resize)
  • Description + Title
  • 1 Column Posts
  • 5 Custom Links
  • Jump Pagination


  • 250px/400px/500px Posts
  • Show Caption/Tags
  • Fade In/Out Images
  • Monochrome Images
  • Hover Blur Images
  • Customizable Colours
  • Endless Scroll/Pages

This is my 12th theme, Jump High! It’s based around Haikyuu!!, one of my favorite series at the moment. Both versions are centered, and the main difference is the side the sidebar’s on, apart from the colours, of course. Be sure to check one post size, and either pages or endless scroll.


transparent goku and bulma riding some weird shitty dinosaur.


"options theme"

this theme features quite a bit of options, but again, not overwhelming. it offers 3 different sidebar options as seen in the previews / photos as well as 2 different post info styles and others.

  • optional 250px, 400px and 500px
  • 3 different sidebar styles
  • 2 different post info styles
  • shadow colors (if you don’t want a shadow just put it same color as your background)
  • optional post borders
  • optional post opacity
  • search bar in 2 of the sidebar styles
  • background and sidebar images
  • fun amount of custom colors

blue preview / white preview / pink preview - pastebin code


01 theme by mars

live preview / my blog (temporarily) / code

this is the first time i’ve actually made a theme and most of it was made around 5 am so please tell me if you notice any errors

custom features:

  • 250px or 400px posts
  • infinite scrolling
  • right/left/center permalinks
  • extra dropdown menu (5 extra links)
  • optional sidebar title + custom sidebar title symbol
  • custom opacity on posts
  • optional captions
  • custom favicon
  • + you can change colours and fonts etc. that basic stuff
  • also probably some other things i forgot